Character Count feature for additional fields

On websites where characters from an additional memorable word is required (e.g. please could we have the character count feature ( that works brilliantly IMHO) but applied to a custom field. So Username and Password is entered automatically as normal, then next screen I have to work out the required characters from the memorable word - so being able to switch to the character count view here would be extremely useful.

While waiting for such a feature to be implemented, here is a work-around that you could use for the Halifax site:

  • Create a custom field of the “Hidden” type, make the custom field name frmLogin:strCustomerLogin_pwd, and set the custom field value to be your Halifax account password.

  • Use the vault item’s Password field to hold your “Memorable Information”.

Thanks for the suggestion, apologies if I’m misunderstanding, but as there’s also a password to be remembered, I don’t think that works does it?

My workaround atm is to manually create the lookup matrix in the notes field :smiley:

The password for your account should be stored in the custom field named frmLogin:strCustomerLogin_pwd.

Ahhhh - I get you, so that one fills automatically from the Custom Field, leaving the password field handy for the memorable word! Nice :slight_smile: