Changing database/vault location

I’ve recently managed to start my self-hosted Bitwarden and I have been thinking… Since my server is a virtual machine in ESXi, I’m cautiously taking snapshots of the VM state, should something go terribly wrong.

At this point, this approach is a terrible idea. If something goes wrong and I roll back to stable state, I will loose all my passwords that had been changed. And that is my question.

How do I separate the vault in the Bitwarden filesystem? Does the sql manage the Bitwarden settings as well?

I wish to move just the Vault part of the Bitwarden on a different disk – should I need to revert.

Should I go with a different approach and start doing backups on the different drive so when I roll back, I just import the lastest backup?

Thanks for the answers.

Hi @Prox, I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but have you checked out this help article?