Changes to Bitwarden Browser behaviour


Have been using BitWarden for a few months now, and quite liking it, apart from its lack of intuitiveness.
I moved from lastpass.

However recently I noted that a PIN was required/requested to restart bitwarden in the main browser that I use all day (most often), being Chrome.

The other browser I use irregularly (Firefox), I would expect to be asked for a PIN.

Has something changed?
For weeks and weeks I was never asked for a PIN (once the pc/chrome browser was stated).

There has been nothing that has changed with the config of bitwarden my end, of that I am sure.

Appreciate any advises.

So disappointing. In two weeks not ONE comment or response.
Forums are supposed to work better than the principal entity.

The issue issue has resolved itself, now auto logs in to mainly used browser, still need to add pin to unlock secondary browser.
No change there, no improvement.

Browser extensions updated around the time off your post and are the likely culprit for locking your vault and requiring the configured PIN to get back in

Releases ยท bitwarden/browser (

Thank you dtmurphy!