Changed phone, cannot login to site


I have changed my phone a while back. I have BitWarden setup on my new phone and I can login to that using thumbnail to view my passwords. However when I try to login to the site from my computer it seems that I have setup 2-factor authentication. I first enter my master password but I am then prompted with “Enter the 6 digit verification code from your authenticator app”. My verification app on my new phone is not setup with any specific BW account and I was thinking that since I am loggin in to BW with my Google account it’s the Google authenticator code I should use, but that does not work. Have I missed transferring something from my old phones authenticator app. The only other alternative I have is to enter a recovery code which I do not have. What am I missing here? I can login from the phone using biometry and can from there export all apsswords etc. but cannot login to the website.

It sounds like you are not logging in to Bitwarden on your phone, you are simply unlocking a vault that is already logged in. If your Bitwarden login session on the phone were to expire, or if you accidentally log out of Bitwarden on your phone, or if some reset of Bitwarden’s servers forces a logout, then you would have the same 2FA problem when trying to log back in on your phone.

Since you are able to export your vault, you should do so, and keep the copies safe until you have sorted out the 2FA problem.

When you get to the 2FA prompt when logging on on your computer, do you see a link at the bottom that says “Use another two-step login method”? If so, click that, and see if you might have also set up email as an alternative 2FA method: