Change the logo in the Web UI

Hello Community!

I’d like to know if it is possible to change the logo in the Web UI of an on-premise installation (the parts highlighted in red in the following screenshot) and where I can find the related files inside the docker containers.

Thanks in advance!

Also, on this one.

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Hello, you can edit “[email protected]” or [email protected]

there is in /Web container, #: /App/Images

what formate and i mage size we use

Could you explain a little further regarding this? From my understanding, a Bitwarden update would overwrite existing changes made to the container itself. Curious if there is a way to make logo changes persistent between updates in a manner that is similar to how Global overrides are done?

I am relatively new to Bitwarden and am just gaining experience.
If you want to have less trouble with CSS etc., then download the same file and save it with the same resolution and format.

A change to the logo was preserved after update, so was not overwritten by update.

But in principle you put on the server a CSS custom area and insert the change there, so that they retain after updates.

I correct myself, change to logo does not remain after update. that means you need to update script with your postscript supplement with your changes.