Change password on site

Hi, I just created a bitwarden account and imported my passwords from lastpass. However, I have a problem, when I try to change a password on a site the password saved on bitwarden is not changed nor is it asked to make the change. How can I solve?

The best way? You first change it inside Bitwarden.
This way you are protected from password loss by crash of either you or the server, timeout on the website and not catching by Bitwarden.

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Hey Ryuk, did you install the Bitwarden browser plugin into your browser?

Have the same issue which is the biggest problem with Bitwarden. Most websites that I want to change the password Bitwarden won’t prompt a message to update the password or do it automatically. It’s a very annoying experience especially trying to manage websites and mobile app logins.

Hi @ryuk, which web browser are you using? Disabling the browser’s ability to store passwords can help.