Change password on Bitwarden account

Good morning,
I have a question, if I change the main email address I use to log into my bitwarden account, is it a safe process that won’t accidentally erase my vault?

Yes, you can change your account email address and/or your master password in the web vault, with no ill effect (if you take appropriate precautions to ensure that you will not forget your new master password). Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to make a backup copy of your vault, if you want to be extra safe.

The only change that is potentially dangerous is the option to rotate your account encryption key. If you want to rotate your encryption key, make sure that you log out of all Bitwarden client apps on all devices before going into the web vault to rotate the key. If, after the rotation, you find a Bitwarden client app that had been accidentally left logged in, you should log out of it immediately before taking any other action in that app. Note that if you screw up the account encryption key rotation process, having vault backup copies that are encrypted will not help you (but having an unencrypted backup copy would allow you to rebuild your vault, in case it becomes corrupted).

Thank you for your response.
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