Change Main Organization

How can I change the name of the main organization from Bitwarden to the name of my choosing? I have access to the admin page but do not see any way to change it…

I found you can only do that on the bitwarden site. If it is selfhosted, you need to firstly change it there, then delete the entire organisation on your selfhost and then re-import the license. A bit silly really.

It is selfhosted via docker, I cannot find how/where to change it. I don’t have a license. Do I need one?

My understanding is that you can only have Organisations if you have a paid licence. You can change the name of the organisation on the main bitwarden site.

This is running on Unraid using a reverse proxy. It never asked for a license nor do I see a place to put one I am running though the docker directions now and cannot find where the key needs to be placed. It tells you where to get it, but not where to put it…

I was wrong you can get a Families Organisation for the free version. The license importing is done on the webpage not from the CLI