Change fonts in all fields to those where characters not misread

I want to save recovery keys in bitwarden, I can only use the Notes fields and the font allows confusion between O0, and 1,l,L,I. Please can a font be used that makes it clear which character is being saved. Currently I have to check by opening and email, changing the font to courier (for example) then pasting the Key into the email. This is not a problem when using the copy/paste, but when manually copying to other devices it IS a problem.

Agreed. I’m a strong proponent of mono-space typefaces for any kind of text that is not natural language (IDs, URLs, passwords, user names, email, addresses, numbers, categorical data, or any sort of code). There could be a settings switch to toggle the font-family between the current sans-serif (or the current default) and a mono-space font for all user inputs, not only passwords. Just in case some people don’t like it, for any reason.