Change font used for Username, Notes, and Text to better differentiate between the characters O0 1Il|


I believe that the fonts for Username, notes, and text need to be changed. The reason being is the uppercase i and lowercase L look too similar to spot the different.

The font on this website is similar to the app. They look like this so the i and L look like this together:


So if a random password is:


Also 0 and capital O look pretty similar the zero should have a font where there is a line through it so that the zero can be differentiated between capital O…

It is so hard to tell which letter it is.
Unless they are close together as there is a slight height difference that a user must search for. For improved productivity and ease of use. A font for those fields should be used that can easily show the difference between certain difficult characters O0 1Il| and a 2 fonts I have found that works well is Courier New and Menlo fonts

@TerranadoVortex you already have a feature request for this, containing two requests. I suggest you modify them so that each refers to one distinguished thing.

I have modified both. Hope that helps?

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They look quite distinguishable to me:


Even more so after saving the password, when color coding is added:



I have since changed my description since hidden fields and passwords are easily able to distinguish between O0 1Il|. I have updated it to Username, Notes, and Text as those are the fields with issues

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So if I was adding my backup codes, security questions, to text or notes I would have a hard time differentiating the characters. As I like to use random passwords for my security questions