Change bitwarden port

Good day,
I have Bitwarden installed on my KVM server and would like to change the port of Bitwarden.
During the installation, I get no choice to change the port.
Yours sincerely

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You can change the port configuration in the ./bwdata/config.yml file

Which lines do I have to change exactly? Unfortunately, this has not worked so far.

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http_port and/or https_port

I have changed this. But I get this in the Browser:

Die Website ist nicht erreichbar
Domain hat die Verbindung abgelehnt.
Versuchen Sie Folgendes:

Verbindung prüfen
Proxy und Firewall prüfen

Sounds like there is an issue with your proxy.

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I changed the port in the config. He will not be taken over. Can I change it somewhere else?

That’s the config.yml:
That’s the nginx config:
If I change the haven in the nginx config the side is not attainable any longer.

Do you have any idea?

I don’t think you can use ports lower than 8000 with nginx. Try using 80xx port numbers.

I reset the server and reinstalled Bitwarden.
Now I’ve tried port 76 http and 75 https and it still does not work imme. I also tried a lot of other ports.
What the hell is this and how can I change that?
When the port was set during the installation everything still worked.

Please read my previous reply.

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I also tried it with ports over 8000.
I must type “http_port: 8090”/“https_port: 8091” and restart or?

When I call the Local page Does it work (localhost:8091). Only the URL does not work with changed port.

I’ve got a similar problem, I can acces from outsite via http but not https, when I try it I get a bad gateway error.

Have you found a solution?

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I don’t see that file at all. Have they changed it and you can’t do this anymore?

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