Challenge with 2FA

I am running into an issue. This is specific into using a cloudapplication where first username/password is required and as a next step the 6-digit code from the Google Authenticator app is required.

Since my Bitwarden is configured to run auto-fillin the first step makes it easy. Going to the cloud URL automatically username and password are copied into the respective fields. When I hit the enter key this combination is valided and if valid the application moves on to a new screen where I am prompted for the autentication code. Unfortunately the previous (session) code is copied (from cache or cookies?) and I have to backspace first before entering the actual authentication code.

Anybody a clue how I can prevent that on the authentication screen a previous code gets copied? Guess this is managed somehow by Bitwarden when looking at the HTML code:

  <input type="password" id="GoogleCode" 
             name="GoogleCode" size="6"
             tabindex="-1" data-com.bitwarden.browser.user-edited="yes" 

Do you have a a premium subscription to Bitwarden? If so, I would check your login item to see if you have an existing TOTP entry stored. By default, Bitwarden will automatically copy the TOTP code to the clipboard if one exists.

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Hi David, Thanks for your prompt reply. The biggest challenge was to get the secret code for a specific Google Authenticator entry. I managed to get it through this blog entry:

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