Cfduid & cf_use_ob cookies?

So, recently I started using a browser extension called Cookie AutoDelete which will delete cookies once a tab is closed and optionally tell the user which cookies have been removed. Browsing around the interwebs (with the latest Bitwarden extension installed, both in Firefox or Brave browsers) I noticed that sometimes it clears cookies from (__cfduid): Clean because is not in the White/Grey lists

These __cfduid (and sometimes cf_use_ob cookies) appear to be set by Cloudflare and while I understand that Bitwarden uses Cloudflare (is this still true?), I wonder what the implications of these cookies might be. Sure, this Cookie AutoDelete extension will clear those cookies for me, but I still wonder if this is something to worry about.

Did anyone else notice these cookies yet?

For completeness’ sake: the Cookie AutoDelete extension is available for many browsers, but the extension is not the question here, it merely made me aware of that cookie. And the Bitwarden uses Cloudflare statement was taken from this issue.

I think this should answer your questions:

Hehe, that’s the article I linked to above :smiley: My question was not why Cloudflare was setting these cookies, but rather if Bitwarden is aware of this and if this of any concern to the browser extension that these cookies are set. But since nobody else seem to be concerned about this, maybe it’s fine.