Captcha reset after failed login

Is it intended behavior that the captcha becomes invalid if I’ve entered my password wrong? I have a complicated master password and usually mistype it on my first attempt because I don’t type it in often. If I have a typo anywhere in my email or password when logging in, the login fails, but when I correct the error, the captcha that I already clicked says it’s expired and I have to restart my login attempt.

This basically means that I have to refresh the webpage and login perfectly, or else I have to refresh the page all over again and restart. Can the captcha stay valid for two or three login attempts? This is affecting me both logging into the website vault and the browser plugin. It’s really a pain in the ass, I already have 2FA on my account I shouldn’t also have to redo a captcha every single login attempt.

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Hey @lodis220 can you provide more detail on where you are logging in? Are you completely logging out each time?