Can't unlock with fingerprint on Samsung S8

In the Android app > Settings > Security Unlock with Biometrics is set to Disabled. Pressing it causes the entry to highlight, but does not enable. Unlock with PIN was disabled but could be enabled. I’ve switched the autofill to Bitwarden in the phone’s security settings and the Bitwarden app’s advanced permissions seems to indicate it can “use fingerprint hardware” and “use biometric hardware”.

I’ve long used the fingerprint to unlock apps (including LastPass). The device is a Samsung Galaxy S8 that has been updated with the most recent update from Samsung.

Anybody have any suggestions or ideas why I can’t enable the fingerprint unlock?

This seems really obvious but I am going to type it here just in case you had a “brain fart”. Are you sure that BW is logged in on the S8? You can’t unlock until its logged in first. Just saying. Not trying to insult you but I have seen this done before!

Yeah. It’s logged in.

Works on my S8.

Is there any chance you no longer have registered fingerprints in the Android biometric settings?

Nope. Phone itself and every other app continues to use fingerprints.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Short of a factory reset on the phone (unwilling since everything else works and that’s a PIA), I’m stumped.

Hi, I was having the same problem.
This worked for me:
Go to Settings → Biometrics and security → Biometrics preferences → Preferred biometric and select Fingerprints

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