Can't Unlock Desktop Client with Master Password after 1.20+

Hi all,

Been using the Bitwarden Linux client (Flatpak version) for a while now with my self-hosted instance. Went to install it on my new Laptop running Pop_OS 20.04 this morning and while I am able to login to my instance, as soon as the client gets locked, it cannot be unlocked. Whenever I enter my master password I get a “Invalid Master Password” message.

I’ve literally typed my Master Password into the web vault and copied it, successfully logged into the web vault and then when i paste that same password to unlock the client, it fails.

Also using Duo 2FA if that helps

Any help appreciated!

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You’ll need to make sure your server is on v1.36+ for the new desktop apps to work.

If you’re on bitwarden_rs, they haven’t patched this yet.


Yep, that was it. Quick “bitwarden updateself” and “bitwarden update” fixed it.



Thanks; ran into same issue here. Can log into desktop client, but could not unlock after lock, had to log out and back in. Updated self hosted server, problem went away.