Can't Unlock Browser Plugin Using YUBIKEY, Phone App, or Master PWD

Premium Annual Subscription
2 Workstations and 1 Phone

If I open the vault in a tab I can use the Phone App to log in or unlock or use the Master PWD combined with my YUBIKEY USB Fob.

Right now, I am logged into my vault as a browser tab, but when I right mouse-click to autofill it says I have to unlock. I click on unlock, and it launched a new browser tab, I unlock again, but the autofill still says I need to unlock.

Then I notice that despite unlocking the vault twice now in a browser tab, the Bitwarden plugin still shows as Btwarden as locked.

The Bitwarden plugin only offers me the option of using the Master PWD to unlock and that doesn’t work doesn’t work, the plugin doesn’t let me use any other verification.

Now something else disturbing is that when I tried to update my Master PWD, I get an Error message that the Old Master PWD that I just used to log in, is wrong. That makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

OK, after restarting the browser. The only way I can log in now is to use the phone app. Master PWD doesn’t work, so I don’t know how to create a new one without it.

Have you backed up your vault? If not, I would do so ASAP.

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Also make sure you have your 2FA recovery code printed and stored safely along with your vault exported. I would do these two things before you do anything else.

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I was stupid and didn’t save a copy of the vault.
I can access the vault using my phone app, but now my Master PWD doesn’t work.
This blocks me from saving a copy of the vault, unless you have another idea.

Sorry, but the only idea I have is to manually copy and paste all your usernames and passwords into a document. Then you can create a new vault.


That is another Catch-22 requiring the Master PWD that stopped working as soon as I set up my authenticator app and my YUBIKEY USB

It’s looking like the only solution is to delete and start over, re-creating my vault.

If you don’t have the master password, a 2FA recovery code, and an exported copy of your vault, it does indeed mean you may need to start from scratch.

Because you still have access you your vault, I would follow the advice above and begin copying and pasting the key fields into an excel sheet to make the task a bit easier.

Good luck!

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I paid for a premium account. How do I get that back if I delete and start over? Do I need to submit a formal helpdesk ticket?

@Muiren The instructions below will help:

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