Can't save new passwords

i’m unable to save new passwords to my bitwarden mobile app. everytime i tried “an error has occurred” message keeps popping up. What should I do?

Hey there, what device are you using? What Bitwarden version number are you using? Have you tried reinstalling to resolve the issue?

I’m using Realme 9 5g SE on Android 11, running RealmeUI v2.0. The app version is 2023.3.2. And i haven’t yet tried reinstalling it. I’ll leave an edit if that solves the problem.

Edit : I have reinstalled the app. But Now i cannot login to my vault at all. It’s showing the same “an error has occurred” message, despite me giving the correct master password multiple times.

I tried to take a picture but it didn’t allow that.

I tried logging into the Bitwarden Web Vault, but couldn’t as well. This time it showed this message.

Thanks for confirmation, please open a ticket here.

so did you manage to sort it?