Can't save an encryption key pair in a secure note because of 10k chars limit - what?

I would like to save an encryption key pair in my bitwarden, and all of a sudden I hit this nonsense error:


How is it even a thing that in a paid product I can’t save a note longer than 10k characters. There are literally zero legitimate reasons to limit my ability to do so, and why 10k - just a random number some developer has put in the code without thinking through it. You already do limit how much I can store/sync with using megabytes. Can’t your software handle more than 10k symbols? This is absolutely weird and nonsense.

Please remove this harming limitation immediately. It makes zero sense.

I have experienced this problem also.
It’s worse than you might realise, the 10K limit applies to the encrypted data so you can often only get 7K characters in your note before this error hits as encryption expands the data.

Public keys fit OK but private keys need to go in a file (or use EC which are much smaller keys).

I agree 10K seems arbitrary. Possibly due to the cross platform frameworks used.