Can't register an account (too many requests error message)

Is anyone able to create a new account with BitWarden? Both the website on chrome and the native android app give me the same message, “Too many requests. Slow down” error.

Hi bloopiedoo, thank you for sharing. the team is aware and looking into it. one thing we’d advise is if you can try an alternate network.

Hi. I have been experiencing the same issue for the past few hours now. I have tried multiple devices and browsers, all giving the same error.

I have just tried an alternative network using the Android app, and am seeing a different result. When attempting to sign-up, upon submitting the form a “Creating account…” timer appears but does not complete.

I just tried registering through my VPN in a couple locations but experienced the same issue unfortunately.

EDIT: @go12 I was able to successfully create an account by switching my VPN to Europe based location and using Safari instead of Chrome.

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Same here, I have tried in multiple platforms. Using apple privacy relay, VPN on Europe or no VPN or privacy relay.

I cant create account at all

thanks for letting us know Fabricio. if you have a chance to try a different network (mobile/wifi) please do. also feel free to reach out to our team via the /contact page of our website.

Neither on mobile or other wifi network

@Fabricio_Masiero , You should try clearing cache of the browser along with changing or reconnecting to the network, when you try again.
Your device can still be easily recognisable with a vpn on
Maybe use another browser like brave or create a separate browser profile to get a different fingerprint.
As the user in earlier post indicated that he used a different network + different browser , which might just do the trick.
Vpn’s are not necessary i guess , you could just reconnect or change the network.

I don’t think this makes any sense @Gaurav, I have tried it on many devices and different networks. I also tried on an iOS app, macOS app, and different browsers.

It seems an API error, just that.

Hi Fabricio, if you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to our team via the /contact page of our website.

I just experienced the same issue trying to create an account for my wife here in Australia. I got around it by using Safari with Private Relay enabled.