Can't login in Chrome extension

I enter my username (yes I have checked it) and master password, but the MFA field just stays blank. I can login in Firefox OK so this must be an issue with Chrome extension. Issue started today.

I am using very latest version of Chrome, and I removed and re-installed the BW extension.

Bump anyone? Still an issue.

Hi @doaks80 - I haven’t seen any recent posts with the same issue, so it sounds rather specific to your setup.

Without more details, it is hard to diagnose the problem, unfortunately.

What kind of details do you need? Is there a log for the extension somewhere? I am using the latest version of Chrome on Windows, and it only started recently.

The more detailed steps you can provide to reproduce the problem would help. A full description of what you expect to occur vs. what you observe to occur is necessary. Screen captures of any errors or problems you see would also be helpful.

It would also be helpful to know if you are using Bitwarden servers for your account, or are you self-hosting? If self hosting, are you using an official Bitwarden server application and if so what is the version?

Chtrome extension stopped working for me today.
Chrome 99.0.4844.74 running on Ubuntu 20.04. Bitwarden extension version 1.56.6.
After unlocking the vault in the extension, every single entry says “error: cannot decrypt”.

Gary, it sounds like you need to restart the browser and disable then re-enable the extension to clear any cached sessions. If that does not work, then uninstall the extension entirely, restart the browser, and reinstall the extension.

I’m having a similar problem. I unlocked the Chrome extension and was told my session had expired now I can’t log back in. Initially it was accepting my password but failing at the 2FA step, but now it’s telling me my password is incorrect as well

Restarting the browser worked fine… panic over :sweat_smile:

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I reinstalled the extension and everything went back to normal. Thanks for the tip.

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