Cant login for the first time?

hi i tried to make an account with bitwarden and as soon as i tried to log in with the email and password i got an error that said my email or password is incorrect. i tried this with two different emails and neither allowed me to login. when i select the option to receive a password hint i dont receive an email. i also never got any kind of confirmation email that i had created a new account.

Hi @anon2222222 and welcome to Bitwarden and the Community!

After you sign up, you can to log into the Web Vault and click the Verify Email button as described here:

Did you try to do that?

Please clarify the steps that you’ve taken. Are you saying that you completed the registration form and clicked Create Account, and then immediately logged out and attempted to log in from the page? Or did you make any other changes to your account settings before attempting to use the login form?

If so, please check your spam folders and/or quarantine for emails form Bitwarden <[email protected]> with the subject Welcome to Bitwarden!.

In addition, please attempt to register an account again, using one of the email addresses that you already used, and see if you get an error message (“Email xxx is already taken”).

Finally, it would help if you provide some information about your device specs, operating system, and browser version.

I am having this same problem. PC is Win 11. I got the ‘Verify email’ prompt and it showed ‘Email verified’ when I clicked on the email message. But when I type my Master password get the ‘Incorrect password or username’. Have tried on Win 7 and Win 8 PCs and get same error. I tried using two other email accounts but get same error there also.
My password is 16 characters including letters (one caps) numbers and symbols.

I tried a 4th email with a shorter password 9 characters with fewer repetitive @ symbols and it is working so there must some restriction with using too many repetitive characters?

@alragsdale Welcome to the forum!

There should be no restrictions on the master password other than a minimum length requirement.

Perhaps there was some temporary glitch. Can you try again with the original email address and longer master password?

I tried the original email and password but got the same error. For now I’m just going the use the email that worked

I’m having the same problem. I created this account on the iPad app. I don’t see anything to verify my email. I had to enter my password 3 times in the app without issue. I am having errors in safari and when I installed the app on iPhone. 15 minutes later there is no verification email and no option in the app to verify email (that I have found)

Having similar issue. Account created for new client organization under Provider tab/MSP. After clicking link to accept invitation - created new account and proceed to login for the first time. Get a red box saying: An error has occurred. Username or Password is incorrect. Try again.

Have sent multiple invites. Same story on first login attempt. Can’t get email verification because can’t login first time.

Tried to recover-delete the account – but the email to confirm deletion never arrives.

The account is still in the trial period. Have options to revoke or delete the account in the dashboard, but not sure about that because I don’t want to flag the email so it can’t be used at all. It must be this specific email address linked to my MSP/Provider/Organization account.

Thanks for any suggestions. Have a Great Day!

Hey all, for official support, please use Get in Touch | Bitwarden

I am unable to verify my email (and therefore login) for my new bitwarden account. There is no ‘verify email’ button on the login page.

What should i do?

@handyman You shouldn’t need to verify your email to log in to the Web Vault. After you log in, there is a button that you can click to verify your email (which enables certain optional features, like Bitwarden Send).

I see thanks. However, I still cannot logon as I am entering what I thought was my new pw, but BW says it is incorrect. What can I do? (PW reminder would not be helpful, and even then, when I request it, BW does not send the email.)

my mistake, the account never got properly set up. Working now. Thanks!