Can't log out of mobile app

I cannot see a log out position on the Bitwarden app except by going into File. Is there, or should there be a more distinct log out.

Hi @Gordon_Tate

Hopefully I am correct in presuming by the app you mean the mobile app either iOS/Android?
If so you can log out of an existing account by going to Settings β†’ Account β†’ Log Out

Hope this helps,
cheers :slight_smile:

Very sorry Kent, I should have made it clearer. I am referring to the use of Bitwarden on my Windows 10 laptop. I can log out by going to File - email address - logout. I was simply wondering if I am missing a more obvious log out position. As I now know where to find I don’t have a problem but most web sites have a fairly prominent logout that a new user does not have to search for.
Kind regards.

Hi @Gordon_Tate - if you just close the Bitwarden app completely, it should automatically log you out as well, unless of course you have modified the default settings to do something different. I think most of us find that to be much more convenient than manually logging out.

Thanks David H… I usually avoid just closing important websites because with one or two of them you can get straight back in having not logged out. I must admit, however, that when accidently doing this with bitwarden I have had to log back in. From what you say it sounds as if closing bitwarden without logging off is quite secure so I shall probably do just that in future.
Thanks for your advice.

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