Can't log into account after changing PBKDF2 iterations

Having a bad day :frowning_face:
Had problems first thing with my Edge extension, so I signed into the web vault instead to grab a password. The web vault had a banner telling me to increase my PBKDF2 iterations. I went to the page and mine was set to 5000, the docs said to use 600000 so I put that it and saved. I was redirected to sign in again and did that no problem, got my password and carried on with my day.
Fast forward to now and I try to get a password from the Android app on my phone. I’m logged out, expected since I changed the encryption. I go to sign in, password, no problem, 2FA, get the code from my authenticator app put it in. I get a spinning wheel “Validating” then after about 30 seconds “An error has occurred.”
Tried logging on to the web in Edge and Chrome, similar issue “An unexpected error has occurred”.

Are there more problems today than just the browser extension?

Seeing reports from other people with similar issues now so I don’t think the iteration change is related.

@fuzz welcome to the forum!

Yes, I think you just picked a bad day to update your KDF, unfortunately! There appear to have been a few unrelated issues this morning.