Can't log in

i am the tech guy for a small rural group. qualifications: a 21.5 inch mid 2011 iMac and internet access. i keeps a record of my spouses log creds in her own vault that she doesn’t use cause she doesn’t care if she gets locked out, one for a neighbor and one for my dad, 87
i use my personal vault often and it works fine
i use chrome incognito and firefox private browsing. i do not use extensions, i open the vault in a tab and copy and paste to other tabs
when i log in to any other bitwarden account, i get an error that the user name or password is incorrect. i used to log in a few months ago but have neglected my duties for a few months.
any thoughts? i almost feel a program thinks my most active account is the only legit account. what additional info should i give?
I just changed the vault password on my account a few days ago and had a few issues logging in to that account. maybe i need to close and quit my browsers and try again. i’ll do that now and see if that solves the issue.

Hi @kal - sorry to hear about your login issues. What web URL are you using to log into the accounts? Is it :grinning:

looks like i just got into my spouses. when i use the vault.bitwarden address, the logo in my personal vualt turns from grey to blue. but the problem with hers was that i changed the password for her vault in my vault, but not in her vault account. luckily, i saved the old password and tried it and it worked, sorry for my error,
now i’ll try some others using vault.bitwarden

i got into my neighbor’s account. it says: Verify your account’s email address to unlock access to all features. with a button that says ‘email’
they want me to sign in to his email and verify it without the password? he doesn’t have a computer, but i think he has access to his email on his phone, it’s late, so i’ll check with him tomorrow. i can see why bitwarden might think something’s fishy, i was hoping for less of this for-your-own-good type of safety nets. i would like the luxury of abandoning his bitwarden for a few months without this.
i guess it’s time to self host my stuff and use keepassXC in addition to bitwarden. i’ll try some other account and see what happens

I had his email creds in my account too, so i got in.
the oly one i can’t get in is my dad’s, but i probably only had some banking info. what ever it was, no super big loss.
i guess i need to copy recovery phrases for the others, that was close.