Can't log in using android Firefox extension, but can using app

I can login to my account on the mobile app, but I can’t login on the Firefox mobile browser extension. I am using the same login details. My device is operating on Android 12, and I am using the most up to date version of Firefox.

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Hey there, can you provide more information on what is blocking the progress, what screen you are seeing, or error message?

Hey @Bryan2023 I haven’t had it crash on my end, you might want to try refreshing your Firefox, or removing and reinstalling the browser extension. If you continue to experience reproducible results, feel free to drop a bug report on Github for the team to review.

Hey @Bryan2023 thanks for the additional detail, I haven’t seen any reports for this one, but keep in mind this is a community supported space, for official support, please contact if you prefer not to file a bug report.

I have exactly the same problem.

Thanks @Levonimo please use the official support link above.

I have the same (or a very similar) problem: Starting a couple days ago, I can no longer log into my self-hosted bitwarden vault from a browser extension (brave) or the desktop app (ubuntu), but I can from the web UI, and the bitwarden app on my phone (android) is still working (I’m afraid to log out of bitwarden on my phone in order to test logging back in because I don’t want to be locked out of my passwords on my phone, too, so it’s possible that the phone app is working fine or it’s possible that it, too, isn’t able to log into the vault but is fine using the cached data).

I’ll also contact support but I’m posting in case anyone has any tips I could try.

Hey all, this one has been reported and confirmed as a bug, thanks for your patience!

In the meantime, you can use the Android App as a work around. There are a few flavors of autofill to choose from on Android, see the following docs:

I can confirm missing captcha makes impossible to login to the extension. I hope it’s top priority in the next update because it’s unusable for new users at the moment.

Hey there, I’ve just now logged out/into the extension, do you have any settings enabled that may be blocking this, such as adblocker?

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I have uBlock, I’m not sure it can cause the captcha to be missing. Anyway, I disabled it and now the extension throws me an Error Code 7 claiming unusual traffic. I tried both on wifi and cellular data with the same results. No VPN, no proxy. I also use the extension on my PC/Firefox without issues which is on the same network.
I guess I need to contact with the support team.

If the steps at don’t work, there is a link there to contact the team.

Year and half later and this bug is still not fixed? I have installed it just recently on my Galaxy S23 and when I try to login and submit the master password it only displays an empty rectangle under it and nothing more happens. Are we supposed to use the Firefox mobile extension or not?

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I agree, this is still an issue in (almost) August. It’s incredibly frustrating to have to keep the BitWarden app open all the time while browsing just so it will hopefully autofill, when there is supposed to be a browser extension so we don’t have to do that. Clunky af.

I just gave up and for sites I use on my phone I have creds saved into FireFox because unlike BitWarden this just works and syncs with all my computers