Can't log in to Chrome browser extension

I can’t log in to the Chrome browser extension - using Linux Mint. It works in Firefox. When I try to log in on Chrome it says “Logged in as [email protected] on” but when I put in my master password it says it is invalid. I can log in to the web page vault ok.

It might have got confused because I recently changed my master password?

Hey @rustle do you know if when you changed your password if you also rotated your account encryption key? If so you’ll want to be sure to log out completely of any client before signing in with your new master password.

I would also note, according to

Changing your master password will automatically log you out of the web vault session. Other logged-in apps may remain active for up to an hour, but will eventually also require you to log back in with your new master password.

No I didn’t rotate my account encryption key. But never mind it’s now behaving. I didn’t read the article you linked before, I guess that explains it. Thanks for your response.

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Glad to hear it’s working now!
No issue at all, feel free to drop by if you have any other questions or concerns. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m having similar issues. Can’t login with the mac app or the chrome extension. Works fine when I’m trying the web page (self hosted). iPhone app works as well.

Message is that username/password is invalid. Started 4-5 days ago.

Hey @Arnars are you self-hosting? If so, updating your server should resolve the issue.

Yes I am. Is it a know issue and has it been fixed in the latest version? Is there a changelog somewhere? Sorry - I am new to this page (as BW have been running flawlessly since I started).

Some API was depreciated back in Nov, so updating server should resolve this one :+1:

Ah. This must be it the. Thanks so much!

Works perfectly now. Thanks a bunch!