Can't log in to beta on Android.

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Cloud or self-hosted?: Cloud
Device Type: Galaxy S24 ultra
OS and version: Android 14
Bitwarden version: beta 2024.6.1

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Input email and password
  2. Pass captcha
  3. Go redirected back to application
  4. Receive error message that says, “Username or password is incorrect. Try again.”

The username and password are correct. The app never asked for my 2 factor Auth.

Did you try the server region, your account is on? (if not sure, try both the US/.com and EU/.eu server regions)

If username and/or password are incorrect, it doesn’t even get to the step of the second factor, so that is perfectly normal in that situation.

Yes, it should be on I know the password is right, because i can log into the stable version of the app and the Chrome extension.

@BertoMejia Sorry, bad choice of words. At least, the app has to deem username and/or password incorrect, to not go on… (and then the app doesn’t continue to 2FA)

PS: But since this is the Beta and could be also some kind of bug - maybe you can provide screenshots of the chain of events and what exactly happens?

Same problem here,
But when I logged on web, I had the warning : Low KDF iterations.
So I updated my KDF to 600 000, and now I can login on the bitwarden beta App.

Hopes this help

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