Can't get the emails from bitwarden

Hi Dear friends,

This is my first time using the bitwarden, I got blocked on the very beginning step for login. I’m using company’s SSO login where I suppose to get an email with verification code but I can’t receive the email, later I try to file a support ticket and neither the confirmation email can reach my mailbox. My other colleagues can get the email at last two weeks ago, and our account manager confirmed that my email being invited from the system. So any ideas or how I can get further helpful information are appreciate!! Thank you!

we had a similar situation where one user was unable to receive any Bitwarden confirmation emails. In our case, the (Google Workspace) account of the newly invited user was temporarily suspended at the time they received the first email. This lead to GMail rejecting the confirmation email with a SMTP error which Bitwarden’s email server seemed to cache for some time. We had to contact support in order to get it working again.

Not sure if you had the same issue but I hope this helps!

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Yeah, seems but to be this reason, after I got the invitation email later today, all the emails can comes in now!

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