Can't get BitWarden to log-in my accts

Have BitWarden set up after comp crash and all my go-to sites entered, however, when I go
to a site the program doesn’t enter my info and log me into that site. I have to enter
everything by hand to get there.

Any ideas about this would be greatly appreciated.


Can solve this in a few ways

  1. you can just click on the extension icon and click on your login for that site and bitwarden will auto fill for you
  2. you can hit ctrl + shift + L to autofill with last login used for that site
  3. Go to settings --> options --> Enable auto-fill on page load and tick the box, this only works if you have 1 login/account for that site and sometimes doesn’t work at all.
  4. Right click on webpage, find bitwarden, hover over it, then hover over autofill and choose the login you want