Can't download file using Send

Self hosted instance. I’m able to use send to send files or text just fine. However, I’m not able to download the file on the recipient end. When I click the download button it just does this endless spinning circle. It doesn’t error out.

I host using the docker install script provided by Bitwarden on a Debian 10 bare metal machine. This machine is behind a Nginx reverse proxy. Any ideas on what might be happening? Thanks!

I’m having the same issue but this time hosted on a synology NAS and using their reverse proxy.

Hi @stan - is this a vaultwarden/bitwarden_rs installation? If so, that’s not Bitwarden software.

Hi @dh024

I’m using this container image: bitwardenrs/server - Docker Image | Docker Hub

You mean I should use another image, am I at risk here? :slight_smile:

BTW: I fixed my issue by updating host in config.json.

Bitwarden server is not supported on Synology NAS, that’s why I asked. It sounds like you have installed something else - just thought you should be aware of this, if you weren’t.

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