Cant connect to an organisation

Hi guys, I received an invitation to join my businesses Bitwarden organisation, I clicked on it, came up with create or login, I created an account and its come up saying the token is invalid. Is it because I created a new account? but I didnt have any login credentials to begin with, how can I connect it with the organisation Id been invited for?

Ask your business to send the invite again. Go through the same procedure. If that doesn’t work, please get in contact with team at

Perhaps ask the person that send the invitation if they already confirmed after you accepted the invitation.

Source: User Management | Bitwarden Help & Support

Did you create the account using the exact email address that the invite was sent to?

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The tokens are only valid for 5 days from the invite (we’re adding this to the email ASAP) - so it may be expired.

Also as @Peter_H mentioned log in to the web vault and see if the Org is listed on the right side, you may have already been confirmed.