Can't add user to organization

I’m using the Free 2-Person Org account and have my own account setup. I’ve invited the other user. However, this person cannot join. They click on the invitation to join, then choose to ‘Sign in’, entering their email (the one that was invited) and the master password associated with the organization account. After completing the Captcha and clicking ‘Sign in’, the site throws the message “User name or password is incorrect. Try again.” The password is NOT incorrect. And assuming username is the invitee’s email address, neither is that.

Hello @musicmanvt - welcome to the community forums! And sorry to hear that you are having issues inviting someone to your organization. I can try to help.

First, can the other use login to their personal vault? If they can’t, or they haven’t set one up, they should do that first and verify that their credentials work.

Next, did you receive a notice that the other user accepted your invitation to join the organization? If so, did you confirm that invitation? You need to do that as the admin for the user to be added to your organization.

Let us know how you make out. Cheers!

OK. I think I got this working. The other user didn’t yet have an account or a personal vault. The instructions on the Bitwarden site don’t make it clear that the other person needs to sign up for their own account first. Moreover, it’s apparently impossible to create an account from the invitation email. (They had tried using the ‘Create Account’ button instead of ‘Log in’ but got an incorrect password error.)

Now I’m discovering that passwords need to be moved from my personal vault into the organization in order for the other person to see them, which raises the question:

How can a password be automatically saved to the organization instead of to a personal vault? (Can it?) If the only way to get a password into the organization is to use the web interface, Bitwarden won’t work well for what I’m trying to do.

Glad you got the account working, @musicmanvt.

Regarding organizational items, yes, you can use any Bitwarden client to create an item, like a login, directly into your organization. By default, BW will save to your personal vault, but you can change the ownership to the organization before you save. The option is typically at the very bottom of the Add Item dialog.

You can also move an existing item to the organization’s vault from your personal vault in any BW client. All you have to do is go into edit mode and set the ownership. I hope that helps!

Hi, I’m having a similar issue, I created an organization and invited a user to join, he already has an account and can log in. he tries to accept the invitation but the system ask to reset his master password, when he tries that, noting happens, don’t even an error message. he tries with a different browser but had the same issue, click on the bottom but nothing happen.

I try changing the policy for password requirements. but he has the same issue.

Hey there, you can contact the official support team at Get in Touch | Bitwarden