Can't access vault after email change

I changed the email address associated with my BW account a couple of days ago and just discovered that I can’t log into my vault at the BW website (using my old or new email address). I have no trouble logging into the Android app or browser extension with my new credentials.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is there something else I have to do? I’ve sent an email to BW support but haven’t heard anything yet.

Oh, wait… Did I miss this?

Web vault now is configured for requiring a Yubikey…

After logging out of the browser extension I was able to login to the web vault.

I haven’t gone into the web vault often, but I don’t recall having to be logged out of other interfaces first. Has it always been that way?

According to the help documents, you will be logged out of all your devices.

After changing my email address, I was able to log back into my devices without issue. However, I was not able to log into the web vault at the BW website. I’ve since found out that I was unable to log into the web vault because I was logged into the browser extension at the same time. Changing my email address had nothing to do with that, apparently.

what I did when changing email:

  1. login to web vault
  2. change email
  3. deauthorize sessions

I think BW need to add this on their help page since they said some device’s or something like that didn’t logged out directly.

I heard back from BW support and they say that I should not have to logout of the browser extension in order to log into my web vault. They said they were going to forward my case to the developers for further investigation.

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