Cannot use OTP feature for

I have a weird issue - Whenever i connect my bitwarden vault with my MFA token, it adds into my vault fine and begins generating OTP passcodes. I can use the OTP passcodes to validate the MFA in my amazon account and successfully enable MFA. However anytime i go to actually log into my amazon account, my OTP codes are rejected. I have tried removing and re-adding the account in my vault. I even contacted Amazon support and all they could suggest is that bitwarden is not supported and i should use google authenticator or some other auth app.

So currently I am using my old auth app which is Authy, just for Amazon… Anybody have any ideas?


I can’t speak for the UK website specifically, but I use Bitwarden to insert my OTP code on and all the time, and I have never had an issue. So I don’t think it is Bitwarden.

Have you checked the time sync on your device? If it is out by even a minute, it can generate stale codes. That’s usually what’s going on when the codes generated by Bitwarden don’t work.

That’s what I thought! But it didn’t make sense since my other MFA app works fine (authy) and this is also an app installed on my device.

Very odd - I use BW TOTP code generation for and it works fine.

Do both apps show the same TOTP ? If not also check your time zone settings.