Cannot stat '/etc/bitwarden/identity/identity.pfx': No such file or directory

I am trying to setup Bitwarden Self-hosted on a new server in Windows Server 2019. I have ran into many issues with certificates and worked through a lot of them. However, I am getting this on the bitwarden-identity and bitwarden-sso containers and they are constantly restarting.

cp: cannot stat ‘/etc/bitwarden/identity/identity.pfx’: No such file or directory

The file does not exist. How can I generate one for use in that?

Does the folder exist ?

Yes, the folder existed, but the file did not. I used OpenSSL to generate a cert, so I finally got it. My fear was it required it to be setup a certain way or required a certain type of cert. I just generated a random PFX with the hostname as the subject and it worked.