Cannot scan QR code

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been unable to scan a QR code with the camera on my OnePlus 8 Pro phone when setting up 2FA for any site. This was working fine for me previously. When the camera activates for scanning, the scanning window looks like it’s stretched and distorted. Is this a known issue?

Are photos ok? Do other QR-code scan apps show the same issue? Have you restarted your phone?

Photos are fine. Other QR apps work fine. Tried restarting the phone, but didn’t make any difference.
When the scan window is active in Bitwarden, it’s compressed vertically, and you can see the QR code is distorted. Again, this was working fine for me up until recently.

Very strange. How about this: Uninstall Bitwarden and then reinstall it.

File an issue on GitHub

You can also install an old release of Bitwarden from GitHub.
Try that out and see if it works.
Anyway, file an issue.

Will file an issue. Looks like someone on Reddit has the same problem:

Actually, it looks like there’s a bug on this already: