Cannot login with Android app

I was really hoping this would work. The windows app is fine. The Browser desktop extensions are fine. However the Android app is not usable for me. My password is long and though not random, pretty convoluted. It takes 3 or 4 tries to get it right because I cannot see what I’ve typed so I could look at it and change any errors. I am guessing that I need to sign into the app before any browser help on Android would be available. I cannot determine if that is true. Am getting very frustrated. I’ve even tried 3 different keyboard apps to try and find one which would allow me to enter the password without making any mistake, because any mistake is death. Is there any way to be able to see the password I’m typing.

Maybe try typing it in a free-form field in a notes app or something where you can see it and then copy/paste it into Bitwarden.

Was there a reason for not allowing us to see the password, we can inside the program? Ends up I think the keyboard was autocorrecting when it hit a period. Switched to a dumb keyboard and that worked, but the password itself was made for a desktop keyboard, not what I should use for a tablet. I’m not even trying on a phone.

I tried the pin option to open, but it allows multiple fails, instead of forcing back to full password on a single failure. For that reason, it isn’t strong enough for me.

Now I’m testing the Fingerprint option. Will see how that works.

So far it is very inconsistent, working with some browsers, not with others and on some sites, not others, and having trouble finding the correct item for autofill in some browsers.

Hello SteveShank, seems to be i have the same problem, when I type my password this is totally rejected, I tried to solve this situation using copy and paste from a notepad app, no success, do you have any solution?

My solution was to give up BitWarden as an option and hope that someday they get a functional Android app, because their Windows app is really quite nice. I will continue to use Keepass and simply not have the benefits that online storage would provide.

Sadly, I’m not sure I’ll find out if it happens.