Cannot login to BW PM from other devices

I have an account that only allows me to login from one Iphone. I cannot login from the BW web site. This is NOT self hosted, no special settings. Is there some setting that restricts access to one device? When I try the password hint with the email address I get to email response. I know my masster password 100% is correct.

@RamRod2000 Welcome to the forum!

To answer your question — no, there is no restriction to the number of devices that can be used.

When attempting to log in to the Web Vault site, are you going to or to Make sure that the server you are logging in to (.com or .eu) corresponds to the server where you registered your account.

If changing the server does not fix your problem, then I would suggest that you make a vault export a.s.a.p. from your iPhone, using the following procedure:

  1. Tap the :gear: Settings tab.
  2. Tap Vault and tap the Export Vault option.
  3. On the export vault view, choose the File format .jsonnot .json (Encrypted).
  4. Enter your master password and select the Export vault button.

This will first of all confirm that you are using the 200% correct master password, and second of all produce a data backup that you can use in case it becomes necessary to start over with a new Bitwarden account.

Let us know how if you are able to produce the export. Also, be very careful with the export file, since it will contain all of your passwords in an unencrypted form.