Cannot Login to Bitwarden on Safari Extension

I just upgraded to Safari 13 and get the following error when trying to login:

An error has occurred

Origin file:// is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

Hey, Sanford,

Did you install only the extension? if so can you try to install the app too to see if this problem continues? I’m using Safari 13 too & got no problem by installing the app then installing the extension,

Edit: I’ve found some good info in another topic:
The new Safari extension is now packaged with the Bitwarden Desktop App. You can download the latest app here:

If you are using the App Store version of the app you will need to first uninstall the app currently installed and then you can install the dmg file.

The new app will be made available in the App Store as soon as it finishes making its way through the Apple deployment process.

Thanks @c_azizi - I have actually installed the App (not from the App Store) and have it at v. 1.16.4 which appears to be the latest.

I am self hosted, and have placed the location of my Bitwarden server in the server URL field in the Safari extension. It seems to me that this is some new security in Safari? (Access-Control-Allow-Origin) Is that possible?

Yes Sanford I guess,that would be the problem,I’m not self hosted, so kinda don’t have knowledge about that but I know that apple’s Safari ecosystem is about to change and most extensions won’t be able to work on Safari

You need to update your self-hosted server.

Thanks Kyle,
I just updated the server, I am not home where my Mac is, so I’ll check on it later.
Thanks again for your help!

Just tried at home and am still getting the same error.

Still not able to get BW to open proeprly on Safari.
Updated, uninstalled and reinstalled the extension, same error.
Any ideas?

Have you found a solution? I’ve installed the latest version of BitWarden and now get this same error. My self-hosted server is up to date. Chrome and Firefox are both working fine.

MacOS 10.13.6
Safari v12.1.2
Bitwarden extension v 1.42.0

No, unfortunately, I have not… Very frustrating. I have started to move away from Safari to Firefox, as that is what I use at work on Windows PCs, just really liked the Tab sync across all devices… Firefox Sync just isn’t as nice.