Cannot log in via MacOS app ("an unexpected error occurred")

I can log in fine via the Firefox extension and on, but my login has stopped working on the MacOS app a couple of days ago.

Screenshot 2021-11-27 at 20.47.21

My username and password are both definitely correct.

Any idea what’s causing this error and how I can fix it?

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Im having the same issue. Were you able to fix it?

MacOS 10.15.7
BW 1.24.7 (frozen version)
Safari 13.1.3

Works ok on iPhone and the web. Thick client of BW on Mac won’t allow me to login and shows above mentioned error.

I’ve actually got a new Mac since I posted, and the Bitwarden app is working fine on my new one. I see you are running Catalina which is quite out of date now, maybe upgrading OS and then reinstalling the Bitwarden app might fix it?

I’m having the same issue on android. In addition the windows app is taking ages to load and some parts of the website also fail to load.

I am unable to login via my desktop chrome extension in bitwarden .Also cannot login through mobile app in my android phone it is showing unexpected error.

thanks for your reply. i ended up upgrading safari to 14.x and upgrading to the latest BW and im working again. Still on Catalina FWIW.

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I guess with me the issue was related due to the service degradation they experienced yesterday: