Cannot log in to any browser extension (solved)

So today, I was logged out of both Firefox and Edge Bitwarden extension(s). When I try to log in, I instantly get an “unknown error”. I uninstalled and reinstalled the extensions to no avail. I am able to log in to the website just fine. Does anyone else have any ideas?

Edit: So it looks like I am receiving a 403 forbidden error. The extension is trying to go to and when I manually go there, I get

Sorry, you have been blocked

You are unable to access

Looks like Cloudflare has blocked my IPV6 address for some reason. Ugh.

Contact support and see if they can whitelist your IP in case it’s a false positive.

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Well, turns out it was self inflicted and despite the embarrassment, I’ll admit my mistake here.

Earlier in the day, I was using “Fiddler” to test a different app on the side for malicious behavior. Anyway, I forgot to stop the interception/decoding and I’m guessing the BitWarden extension(s) and/or CloudFlare is able to detect the forged certificate and say “hell no” (good on them!). The online vault was working fine. Either way, when I remembered to turn it off, everything started working again.

Thanks everyone for your help. If you run into this error, see if there are any interception proxies/check the certificate serial etc from different machines/connections to see if it’s being tampered with. I’m not entirely sure this was the mechanism of detection, but it cleared up immediately upon closing Fiddler.

No worries at all. ALL learning is good; you never know who else may need to see this so we appreciate the question AND solution!