Cannot log in nor sync without using a VPN, this isnt what I remember it to be

I can no longer login, sync or even update my account without using a VPN, the solution is to use a VPN, but this isn’t how I remember it to be, you can login on mobile and desktop app with no issue but you cant update nor sync it, while on browser you cannot login at all. This is somehow frustrating, I hope the devs can fix this.


Hey there, if you are running into the unusual internet traffic error, please review the steps outlined here: Unusual Internet Traffic | Bitwarden Help Center

This is pretty abysmal behavior by bit Tech companies, trailed along by small Tech companies, to convince users to lower their security. First, we have 20 character master passwords to access our password vault. Second, our browsers connect fine and present us with our passwords as we need them. Third, when we actually want to connect to our web vault we have to close up our VPN, or navigate to another one, which of course causes all kinds of issues with all kinds of other Tech companies’ sites, in order to connect to our vault, when we use serious passwords. Finally, getting through to our vaults, after altering our VPNs and entering our 20 digit master passwords, we’re treated as just chumps when we’re subjected to the horrible Google Captcha nightmare (fuzzy pictures, having to pick multiple pages of pictures, etc) and/or we have to check our email or our phones just to log into our vaults. This is really crazy stuff. :frowning: