Cannot delete my account

Hi guys :wave: . Thank you for such a nice tool.

Thing is… I am having trouble deleting my account.

  1. I go to Bitwarden Web Vault
  2. I receive the email and click on the link in the email.
  3. I see the message “Deleting your account is permanent. It cannot be undone.” and click on the button “Delete Account”.
  4. But then, I get a toast message that says:

An error has occurred. Invalid token.

Am I doing something wrong?

BTW, I will be able to reuse my email to create a new empty account, right?


Guess I have to thank you for not answering, cause in the meantime I recalled what the password was LOL.

good to here that. Thats weird but I can tell you I am not going to try to delete my account as I don’t want to have to reset all the passwords I have stored on there.

We do know what is best for you.