Cannot delete a collection on free organisation

I’ve just moved from Free Individual to Free Organisation as I intent to use this to share with my wife. I was testing the creation of a second collection as a nested collection, and now wish to delete. However there is no DELETE option for the nested collection - no ability to select three dots for the collection, and no “drop arrow” after the collection name to delete either.

My organisation is setup as FAMILY, with one collection called STREAMING and a nested one called TEST. I want to delete the TEST nested collection.

Have searched the forum and have not been able to locate a solution (as all refer to the options that are not appearing for me).

Hey Darran, which user are you logged in as? Are you currently in the web vault? Collections | Bitwarden Help Center

Hi. Yes was using the web vault version and am logged in as the owner / admin.

Hey Darran, thanks for clarification, let me know if you checked out the link above. In the web vault there are two options from the top main nav, vaults and organization, which provide different functionality.

Thanks @bw-admin - was able to delete under the organisation menu option.

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Thanks for pointing to the solution. But it’s a real issue of UX… The three-dots for collection inside “Vaults” could allow going to the full option screen under “Organizations”.

Great to see you again @peace - thanks for this suggestion!