Cannot autoscale on self hosted instance

We have configured a self hosted bitwarden instance in our premise. Also purchased individual license and enterprise user license for one user.

We have created an organization and while trying to send user invite from the organization, we are getting an below error message.

" Cannot autoscale on self hosted instance"

But we can able to do invite from bitwarden cloud using the self hosted login credentials. We are looking for a self hosted bitwarden only insted of cloud as we would like to keep all the passwords in our ownserver.

Could you please help us on how resolve the above error while inviting users to organization in self hosted bitwarden even though we have purchased both individual license and enterprise license for one user.

Hello @jaijo and welcome to the community,

Sorry to hear you are having a issues with your licensing issues here with your self-hosted instance.

I am wondering if you have perhaps activated your self-hosted install with the individual user license, hence why you are unable to add the user and invite from the self-hosted organization.

Can you verify you have licensed your self-hosted instance with the Organizational license instead as per

I would also note: With the current licensing model a member of a premium organization will also have premium benefits extend to their individual vault without the need for that person to have to purchase an additional individual user license.
For further licensing and billing concerns however I would recommend contacting Bitwarden’s official support channel for the quickest resolution to your issue.

Hello @cksapp Thanks for you reply.

I have verified my self-hosted instance with the Organizational license as per the link. Here i cannot do invite users to organizations from self hosting bitwarden but the same is working fine in cloud.
So i want to make sure the auto scale feature will not work in self hosting eventhough we have purchase the license?

I have also posted the same in bitwarden official support and waiting for their resolution.
Any live chat avilable for bitwarden support?

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Currently I do not believe there is any live chat support available but from my experience and hearing from others in the community their support team is fairly quick to respond to issues and concerns.

Regarding your initial concern, I was able to reference the Help documentation for scaling and was directed to the following FAQ

Do licences/seats scale?

Bitwarden Teams and Enterprise organizations will automatically scale up user seats as you invite new users. You can set a seat limit on scaling to prevent your seat count from exceeding a specified number, or manually add seats as desired. Regardless of how you choose to add seats, you will need to manually remove seats you’re no longer using. For more information, see the User Management Help Center article.

Perhaps this will help, can you check your online cloud Org to verify the user seat allocation?

Apologies for the gravedigging but it appears the un-documented limitation on self-hosted Bitwarden is no ability to autoscale as described in the original error message.

The solution is to simply increase the license / seats count on the Cloud Bitwarden Organization and download the updated license .json or allow it to sync which will in turn allow for successfull SCIM provisioning from Azure.

In the product’s docs there should be made a clear warning about that as the current verbiage in the documentation will lead every user astray.