Cannot Auto-fill 'IE Tab' Extensions

I’m part of a team operating Hikvision webcams, in Africa. Unfortunately these cameras insist on using an IE plug-in! Internet Explorer is now opening sites in Edge automatically so I am having to use IE Tab extension in either Edge, or Chrome, to get the plug-in to work. I cannot find a way for Bitwarden to recognise these sites and auto-fill them. Whilst ‘URL1’ shows the full url that Chrome creates (eg chrome-extension://hehijbfgiekmjfkfjpbkbammjbde…), I can’t get it to Auto-fill and a message says that I have to Copy & Paste. Is there anyway to get this working smoothly, please?

I never heard of the extension, but I am sure you can get it to work. Have you consider just saving the single password used for the IE in Chrome itself and see if that works as an alternative.

Thanks for the reply, and suggestion, but I really want to avoid using browser password saving, if I can.

I have been thinking how the IE tab would works, It’s likely that it’s running its own IE process inside the tab. Because of this the stuff inside the tab is essentially IE and I don’t think any of the browser extension will work in a IE context.

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Thanks, could well be the case. Another potential issue, though I haven’t found it mentioned on Bitwarden’s site, is that the sites are ‘HTTP’ and I know LastPass will only autofill ‘HTTPS’ sites.