Cannot adjust my Master Password Hint without changing my Master Password

The title says it all!

In my case I realised my Hint did not help me remember my Password.
Once I eventually got logged in hours later…
I have gone into the web vault to improve my Hint.
I cannot update my Hint as there is only a Change Password and it forces a session logout on all devices.
This serves no purpose.

Sorry but the hint is just a hint, there really is no other security it needs to interact with and should be separately updateable.

Maybe this is to ensure that the person who writes the password hint actually knows the master password.

you have to be logged in to access this screen.
no reason why a password re-prompt couldn’t be used.
but no need to change the password.

I see what you’re saying, now. But it’s simple enough just to re-enter your original password in the password field, and just change the hint.