Cannot access Bitwarden on iPhone

My Bitwarden has failed. I type in my email address and master password and receive constant error messages. I have tried numerous times to make the application work to no avail.
I have an Iphone, model 12 mini, and am running iOS 17.1.1
My phone was working perfectly and all of sudden I am unable to access Bitwarden
Can you please help me ?

@patrickkhines Welcome to the forum!

I moved your post to its own thread, since it was unrelated to the thread where you had posted it.

Can you provide some more information? What version of Bitwarden Mobile do you have installed? What is the exact wording of the error messages that you see when you attempt to log in? How old is your account? If your account was created after July 25, 2023, do you know if your account was registered on the server or on the server?

Also, if you have access to a web browser, please try to access your Bitwarden account by logging in to or (depending on which server your account is hosted on — if you’re not sure, please try both servers).