Cannot Access Bitwarden Desktop - Receive Error Message "Forbidden"

Greetings Friends,
Please assist. I can access Bitwarden on my Mobile.
I cannot access Bitwarden on my Desktop. I receive the error message “Forbidden”.
Desktop OS Windows 11.

This is the first time I have received this error message after many years of use.

I unistalled Bitwarden Desktop and then re-installed it. This action did not resolve the access error.


I cannot reproduce this on Windows 10.

  • Can you access the Bitwarden vault on your desktop via a web browser at: ?
  • Have you tried again after rebooting (not shutting down and then switching back on, but actually rebooting) ?
  • Do mobile and desktop use the same network ?
  • Are you using Bitwarden’s servers or do you self host ?

Not a solution, but as a quick way out get the version from the Microsoft Store at: Microsoft Apps

Greetings Peter,
Thank you for your prompt support.
Murphys law…amazing I can now login from my Desktop to Bitwarden as normal and also access my vault. Stanger than fiction I now cannot access both of the above from my Mobile.

Do the devices have to be synced?


You are welcome : - )

This indeed is strange. Is evil witchcraft common in your place ? ; - )
Can you usually browse the web on both devices simultaneously ?
Here is what I would do: Remove the power supply from the DSL modem and/or router for like 10s, then again connect it and wait till it has booted up (which including re-connection to DSL might take up to 5 minutes).

No, the devices do not have to be synced. And Bitwarden (usually) is syncing across devices automatically.

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Greetings Peter,
Thanks again for your response to my post.
I can now finally access Bitwarden on Android Mobile. I found the following link and followed the